The formal appointment to advise on or arrange a project financing. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. mandate man‧date 1 [ˈmændeɪt] noun [countable]
1. LAW the right and the power to do something that is given to a government or elected official as the result of a vote:
mandate to do something

• The re-election of the present board of directors gives them a clear mandate to go forward with current corporate plans.

• The board has acted with a clear shareholder mandate (= authority given by shareholders ) .

2. LAW an official instruction given to a person or organization, allowing them to do something:

• States are under a federal mandate (= a right given by the central US government ) to increase fines for violation of worker safety and health rules.

3. the period of time that a politician or elected official has their position:

• the day the President's mandate came to an end

4. BANKING an official document giving a bank or other financial institution the authority to deal with your account
ˈbank ˌmandate
BANKING a written instruction to a bank, asking it to make regular payments, or to open a new account
  [m0] II. mandate man‧date 2 [mænˈdeɪt] verb [transitive] LAW
1. to give an official order that something must be done:

• The German system shows that it is possible to mandate universal health insurance through a variety of individual plans.

mandate somebody to do something

• economists mandated to produce periodic reports on the state of the economy

2. to give someone the right or power to do something:

• The Securities and Exchange Commission is mandated by Congress to set accounting rules for US corporations.

3. to make something mandatory:
mandate somebody to do something

• legislation that mandates employers to provide time off

mandate that

• Amendments to the Fair Housing Law mandated that all new housing must be accessible to the handicapped.

— mandator noun [countable] :

• Federal mandators and state governments seemed to be competing to see who could increase the cost of car ownership faster.

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   The authority from a borrower to the lead manager to proceed with a loan or bond issue on the terms agreed.

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mandate UK US /ˈmændeɪt/ noun
[C, usually singular, or U] an official order or requirement to do something: mandate to do sth »

Norad's mandate is to promote effective management of funds for development assistance.


The region is already under federal mandate to reduce air pollution.

[C, usually singular, or U] GOVERNMENT official permission or the right to do something, usually given as the result of a vote: mandate to do sth »

The government claimed that it had a mandate to raise taxes.


The CEO disputed that the disposal of the 10.5 million shares was based on the shareholder mandate.

[C] GOVERNMENT the period of time that a government or an elected person is allowed to remain in power: »

She has just another two months in office before her mandate comes to an end.

[C] BANKING BANK MANDATE(Cf. ↑bank mandate)
mandate UK US /ˈmændeɪt/ verb [T]
to officially require someone to do something, or something to happen: mandate sb to do sth »

Lawmakers mandated them to change the rules after questions about the safety of the procedure arose.

mandate that »

The government should have mandated that these figures be made public.


In Ohio, every bridge is mandated to be inspected annually.

to give official permission for someone to do something, or for something to happen: mandate sb to do sth »

The department was mandated to proceed with the project.

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